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Pastor's Notes

     Greetings and grace to you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Praise the Lord: and again I say, Praise the Lord!  The Lord greatly blessed our 50th Year of Ministry Celebration.  What a blessing to be a part of such a powerful and glorifying service.  I pray each of us have been inspired and encouraged to continue at our “mission post.”  Special thanks to the 50th Celebration Team and everyone that helped prepare, decorate, and had a part in the service, as well to everyone who attended.  God is good, all the time!

     The First Priority ministry in our local schools is an open door the Lord has set before us for such a time as this.  I want to encourage each of you to get involved in whatever way the Lord leads you personally.  Your involvement could be in a support role, such as helping setup rooms for meetings, serving refreshments, greeting students or daily praying for First Priority at each campus.  Many have prayed that God would be welcomed back into our schools, God has answered and He is not only welcomed, but invited and each of us can participate in what the Lord is doing.  Let us not be guilty of only wishing things would change, but let us be used of God in what He is doing to bring about change. 

     October presents opportunities for ministry and outreach.  The Youth Ministry’s Fall Beach Retreat is scheduled for Oct. 7-10.  John Allfrey and others will be taking the Haiti Christmas bags to Melbourne, FL Oct. 12-15.  Be listening for announcements regarding ways you can help regarding getting the Christmas bags to Haiti.  The Hoedown is scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 28, at the LeSueur’s.  There will be activities and games for children beginning at 3:30pm.  Everyone is invited to bring their prepared favorite chili/soup/stew for supper at 5:30pm.  There will be singing and a Gospel presentation following supper.  Please invite your friends, especially all your unchurched friends. 

     How tuned in to the Lord are you?  Do you hear Him clearly, or is there so much static in your life that you are missing exactly what He is instructing you to do?  I repeatedly ask myself these questions almost on a daily basis.  Personally I do not want to miss what the Lord is instructing me to do.  Neither do I want to keep doing something He doesn’t want me to do.  Thus is the case with Philip in Acts 8.  As God allowed persecution in Jerusalem, the Christians scattered preaching the Word (Acts 8:1-4), and as Philip went to Samaria sharing the Gospel of Christ many believed (Acts 8:5-25).  God was doing marvelous things at this time in Samaria, but Philip is directed to go south into the desert toward Gaza (v. 26).  Now most of us would have been spiritual and fasted and prayed for days about whether that was truly God’s will because of all the static in our lives.  Philip was so in tune with God that “he arose and went” (v. 27), upon doing so, he saw a royal caravan from Ethiopia.  Once again God directed him, and Philip ran and heard a man reading Isaiah.  He then asked the Ethiopian if he understood what he read (v. 28-30).  Upon the Ethiopian’s answer, Philip used the Scripture that was read to present the Gospel of Christ.  The Lord worked through the Word and the obedience of Philip to convict and convert the Ethiopian (v. 31-38).  Are you and I willing to get out of our comfort zones and obey God?  Are we willing to approach complete strangers and present the Gospel of Christ to them?  Certainly we have been instructed by the Lord Jesus.  Clearly hear Him saying, “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” (Mark 16:15) and “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)  Tune in to the instruction of the Lord Jesus and obey Him.


By His grace,


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