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Pastor's Notes

     Greetings and grace to you in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Hard to believe this is the September newsletter.  Where has 2019 gone.  The Lord continues to bless in many ways! With school being back in session and ERBC’s participation in First Priority, I am anticipating souls to be saved and you to be used for the glory of God. 

     Dr. Ted Rendall will be leading an Abundant Life Bible Conference Sept. 8-11.  Please mark these dates and do everything you can to attend each service.  Dr. Rendall is one of God’s choice servants, and his teaching on the life of Elisha is outstanding.  Please be in prayer for Bro. Ted as he finishes preparations to be with us and for Ms. Hester while he is away.  She is now on dialysis and cannot travel as freely. 

     This month I am varying slightly from our theme verse for the year, That I may know Him…” (Philp. 3:10a).  Though when we know him what is below should be true of our living.  “Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”  (John20:21)  Jesus has appeared in the midst of the disciples that have assembled behind shut doors for fear of the Jews at evening of the day of His resurrection.  Immediately upon appearing Jesus said, “Peace be unto you” in verse nineteen.  Now in Jesus’ appearing to His disciples, He condescends to them to lift them up to where He desires them to be.  They were behind shut doors assembled in fear.  Jesus did not reprove them, but simply spoke peace to them.  How they needed that word of peace.  How you and I, and everyone in the world needs that word of peace.  Jesus had told the disciples that after His crucifixion and resurrection that He would see them in Galilee.  Where are they at this evening of the third day?  They are in the upper room in Jerusalem assembled behind shut doors in fear.  He speaks this first word of peace to reveal Position – Peace with God (Rom. 5:1).  The presence of the risen Lord Jesus Christ had transformed their sorrow to joy just as Jesus had said (John 16:20-22), and now His proclamation will transform their fear to faith.  Jesus does not deal in substitution, but in transformation!  The second utterance of “Peace be unto you” is not a mere repetition, but a revelation.  It reveals Purpose – Peace of God (Philp. 4:7).  Having entered into Peace with God, God now purposes for the disciple of Christ to be managed by peace which is a preparation to be a messenger of peace!  Being prepared by the revelation of peace, the disciples are now commissioned to serve!  This commission was first prayed by Jesus in John 17:18 and is now proclaimed, “as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you.”  The Scriptural truth is found in the Greek words translated “sent” in this commission.  Jesus uses apostello for the first “sent”, which has the meaning of being sent forth or away as the sender remains behind.  Then He uses pempo for the “sent” commissioning the disciples.  Pempo also means to send forth but especially with an escort and accompanied by the sender.  We are sent out escorted and empowered by the indwelling Holy Spirit (Acts 1:8) and never alone, being accompanied by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! (Matt. 28:20)  Christ was sent to show the Father with a message of grace to sinners; you and I are sent to show the Son with a message of grace to sinners!  We cannot fulfill our mission if we spend more time behind shut doors assembled in fear than out among people living by faith!  May it be when we reassemble it is in faith after having gone out into the utter most part of the earth managed by peace as a messenger of peace, showing sinners the Son of God through the message of grace!


By His grace,


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